Introducing new sponsorship rules

Rahul Menon

Our sponsorship rules feature lets you set controls over which transactions your paymaster should sponsor, letting you prevent bad actors from running up your paymaster usage. We recently shipped two new rules - account lists and admin accounts.

Account lists has 2 modes - blocklist and allowlist. Blocklist lets you stop malicious actors from being able to access sponsored transactions. Allowlist does the opposite - it lets you specify a list of account addresses where only transactions sent by one of those accounts will be sponsored.

We also now let you add admin accounts, which are exempt from sponsorship rules. This is useful for accounts that you control, especially if you are running tests and don't want to hit these limits.

This set of rules, particularly the ability to write custom rules using server verifier, should be enough for most usecases but we are planning on shipping more rules over the next few weeks. If you have any requests for rules that you would like to see, please let us know by posting your thoughts in the thirdweb Discord!