Introducing the new Chainlist!

James Sun

Today, we are excited to launch a collection of updates to the chainlist page that will make your experience of building with 2000+ EVM chains supported by thirdweb much better.

The first big visual change is that you'll be able to see all the enabled services for each chain. You can now easily see this at the front page or use the filters to find thirdweb support by a specific product. We've also conveniently listed chains with full product support at the top so you can easily find chains that are fully supported by thirdweb's entire full stack development tools from front-end to onchain tools.

When you visit any chain page in our chains database, you’ll be able to see a list of all the thirdweb products supported on the chain, metadata, as well as useful links to any faucets & the explorer. If a chain has claimed and verified this page, you’ll also be able to read additional information provided by the chain about what makes their chain a great ecosystem to build on.

Finally, you’ll be able to add specific chains to your favorites. Now, anywhere that you have to select a chain on our dashboard for testing or contract deployment, you’ll see your favorited chains at the top of the list. No longer do you have to manually find your chain every time and override it when you switch browsers!

If you are a chain looking to claim and verify your page to enrich the data for devs or add more developer support, please contact us using this form:

If you are a dev, you can experience the latest and greatest updates on the chainlist page today at!