IPFS unpinning now available

Phillip Ho

You can now unpin your account's pinned files from the thirdweb dashboard:

  1. Sign in to the thirdweb dashboard and navigate to the Storage dashboard page.
  2. Under Your Pinned Files, files pinned by your account are listed.
  3. Select Unpin to unpin a file from your account.
List pinned files, their size, and pin date.

What happens when I unpin a file?

A pinned file is guaranteed to be retrievable on the IPFS network. When a file is unpinned, it is flagged as "no longer needed by the network" and will be removed if all nodes clear it from their storage.

Unpinned files do not contribute to your billed storage usage.

Note: Unpinned files are not guaranteed to be completely deleted. If the same file is pinned by someone else or stored in a node's cache, the file will remain accessible.