Multichain Smart Accounts

Joaquim Verges

Connect TypeScript SDK v5.16.0 makes dealing with smart accounts as easy as regular EOAs, with a new simplified setup and multichain capabilities.


Notable changes:

  • factoryAddress is now optional, by default it will use a standard account factory pre-deployed on all chains at 0x85e23b94e7F5E9cC1fF78BCe78cfb15B81f0DF00
  • Smart Accounts can now switch chains while maintaining the same account address. Requires an deterministic account factory deployed on that chain.

It now takes only 2 lines of code to convert any EOA to a smart account.

chain: sepolia,
sponsorGas: true,

Switching chains will happen automatically as long as you use the default account factory or if you've deployed your own account factory on these chains!

Happy building 🛠