New NFT prebuilt contract: Burn-To-Claim Drop

Krishang Nadgauda

The Burn-To-Claim Drop contract is now available to deploy:

The BurnToClaimDropERC721 smart contract lets you distribute lazy minted NFTs by setting up claim phases / restrictions -- similar to NFT Drop.

In addition to claim phases, you can specify an 'origin' NFT contract and charge a special price to holders, who can burn their NFT from the origin contract in order to claim one from the burn-to-claim contract.

The goal of this contract is to formally introduce the “burn to claim” NFT claiming mechanic as a prebuilt NFT contract.

Through the “burn to claim” mechanic, developers/builders can tightly associate one NFT collection with another collection. For example:

  • Let users ‘migrate’ from one NFT contract to another.
  • Burn an NFT (from an origin contract) to claim its evolved version.

We'll be rolling out dedicated documentation, SDK and Dashboard support for the burn-to-claim functionality, shortly. In the meantime, the contract can be used with the same SDK and Dashboard tooling built for NFT Drop.