Unity 4.12 - Engine Relayer


What's Changed

  • [Cross-Platform] Added support for the thirdweb Engine Relayer
    • This relayer is a service provided by thirdweb for an alternative way to sponsor transactions on behalf of users through Engine.
    • When using Transaction.Send or Transaction.SendAndWaitForTransactionResult you may specify whether to use this gasless feature or not, other higher level APIs will default to the gasless flow if you have the relayer set up.
    • Replaces OpenZeppelin Defender Options.
    • We still recommend using Account Abstraction for gasless sponsorship features through Smart Wallets, however in some cases a relayer is needed!
  • [Native] Improved Contract.Write flow.
    • Better gas limit/price/fees estimations when not provided, similar to other APIs.
    • Now uses the gasless relayer by default if it is set up in your ThirdwebManager, similar to other higher level APIs.
ThirdwebManager Prefab Gasless Relayer Options

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