Unity - Storage & More!


The Unity SDK now supports our updated API Key flow.

Grabbing a free thirdweb Client ID from the dashboard and putting it right into your ThirdwebManager component allows you to access improved Storage, RPC and Account Abstraction services by default! This includes IPFS downloads, uploads, enhanced RPC performance and Smart Contract Wallet bundler/paymaster - all without any setup!

This release also allows you to pass in overrides to create your own Storage Downloader/Uploader to the SDK, enabling techies among you to customize your flow even more. You can still override the default storage gateway, RPC URLs, bundler and paymaster URLs if you wish to do so.

Our Client ID unlocks the potential of the SDK, abstracting away most of what is typically tedious for developers to implement, encompassing multiple services at once.

An additional feature of a Client ID is that you can restrict it to specific domains (WebGL) or Bundle IDs (Native Builds) right from your dashboard - if you don't know how to find your bundle ID, we've added a Utils.GetBundleID() function for your convenience (platform-specific).

This release also comes with various improvements to the supported chains behind-the-scenes flow and related additions and fixes, don't miss out!

Release: unity-sdk-3.0.0-beta.4