Buy With Crypto

Buy With Crypto handles the complexity of cross-chain routing by leveraging several liquidity providers to find the most affordable and least complex route for any crypto-to-crypto transaction.


  • Free To Integrate: No upfront costs or subscriptions. Just integrate and unlock crypto purchases instantly for your users.
  • Fee Sharing: Configure a recipient address for your application and instantly earn 30% on all fees collected through your application.
  • Liquidity Aggregation: thirdweb aggregates several liquidity providers under the hood to ensure that every purchase is possible.

Get Started

  • Transaction Flow: Allow users to execute any transaction, even with an empty wallet.
  • Embed directly: Use our PayEmbed to enable onramps and crypto purchases directly in your interface.
  • The Connect Interface: By integrating our ConnectButton, your users can onramp funds into their connected wallets.


thirdweb collects a 1% fee per end user transaction. We share 30% of this fee with you.

For example, if a user purchases $100 worth of Polygon through your application, thirdweb charges a total of $1.00. thirdweb collects $0.70 and sends $0.30 to you.