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Learning Path

We've prepared a set of resources to help you hit the ground running with our GamingKit.

Below, you'll find our recommended pathway to learning game development with Unity and integrating blockchain-based functionality into your games.

Unity Fundamentals

If this is your first time creating games, we strongly recommend learning the basics of Unity, such as navigating the editor, creating objects, and scripting with C#.

Unity Essentials

Before you begin, you'll need to download and install Unity Hub; a tool that allows you to download and manage multiple versions of Unity on your computer.

Learn how to navigate the Unity Editor, create and manipulate objects, and build a simple game with basic gameplay by following the Unity Essentials Pathway on Unity Learn.

Programming in Unity

After familiarizing yourself with the Unity Editor, you'll want to learn how to program in Unity.

This will help you understand how to create scripts and behaviors for the items you create in the editor.

We recommend the Junior Programmer Pathway on Unity Learn.

GamingKit Fundamentals

As you start to feel comfortable creating basic games in Unity, explore what's possible with the GamingKit.

Install The thirdweb Unity SDK

By now, you'll know how to download and import custom unity packages such as our Unity SDK.

Learn how to install our SDK and configure your build settings for WebGL with our getting started guide.

This guide will get you set up with our Unity SDK and show you how to build and run your first decentralized game.

Airdrop Free-To-Own NFTs For Your Game

Learn how to create assets outside of Unity that can be used in your game.

This guide will show you how to deploy and airdrop NFTs to your players so they can access your game.

Connect To User's Wallets

Allow user's to connect their wallets to your game and interact with their NFTs.

This guide will show you how to connect to users' wallets and read data from the blockchain.

Create A Burn-To-Redeem Mechanic

Use [Solidity SDK]](/solidity) to create and deploy a burn-to-redeem NFT contract.

This guide will show you how to interact with Solidity smart contracts and write transactions to the blockchain from within Unity.