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Connect User Wallets

Ask users to connect their wallets to your game. This allows you to ask them to sign transactions.

To write transactions to the blockchain, you must have a connected wallet first.

// Ask the user to connect their wallet and read their wallet address.
string address = await sdk.wallet.Connect();

Connect to a particular Wallet provider

You can pick and choose how you want your users to connect to your application. The SDK supports:

  • MetaMask
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • WalletConnect
  • any injected browser extension like TrustWallet and others.

You can also specify which chain you want your users to connect to, here's an example:

// Connect to the user's wallet via CoinbaseWallet
string address = await sdk.wallet.Connect(new WalletConnection()
provider = WalletProvider.CoinbaseWallet,
chainId = 5 // Switch the wallet Goerli on connection

Read Wallet Information

Once connected, you can access information about the user's Wallet.

// For example, we can now read the user's native token balance.
var balance = await sdk.wallet.GetBalance();