Local Wallet

A wallet configurator for Local Wallet which allows integrating the wallet with React Native

import { localWallet } from "@thirdweb-dev/react-native";
const localWalletConfig = localWallet(options);

Usage with ConnectWallet

To allow users to connect to this wallet using the ConnectWallet component, you can add it to ThirdwebProvider's supportedWallets prop.

<YourApp />

Usage with useConnect

You can use the useConnect hook to programmatically connect to the wallet without using the ConnectWallet component.

The wallet also needs to be added in ThirdwebProvider's supportedWallets if you want the wallet to auto-connect on next page load.

const localWalletConfig = localWallet();
function App() {
const connect = useConnect();
const handleConnect = async () => {
await connect(localWalletConfig, connectOptions);
return <div> ... </div>;