Hook to get a list of valid direct listings from a Marketplace V3 contract.

A listing is considered valid if the:

  • Seller still owns the NFT

  • Listing has not expired (time is before endTimeInSeconds )

  • Listing has not been canceled

  • Listing has not been bought out (all quantity of the NFTs have not been purchased)

Note: This hook is only for Marketplace V3 contracts.

For Marketplace contracts, use useActiveListings instead.


import {
} from "@thirdweb-dev/react";
function App() {
const { contract } = useContract(contractAddress, "marketplace-v3");
const {
data: directListings,
} = useValidDirectListings(contract);



The hook's data property, once loaded, is an array of DirectListingV3 objects, each containing the following properties:

// The id of the listing.
id: string;
// The address of the creator of listing.
creatorAddress: string;
// The address of the asset being listed.
assetContractAddress: string;
// The ID of the token to list.
tokenId: string;
// The quantity of tokens to include in the listing.
// For ERC721s, this value should always be 1 (and will be forced internally regardless of what is passed here).
quantity: string;
// The address of the currency to accept for the listing.
currencyContractAddress: string;
// The `CurrencyValue` of the listing. Useful for displaying the price information.
currencyValuePerToken: CurrencyValue;
// The price to pay per unit of NFTs listed.
pricePerToken: string;
// The asset being listed.
asset: NFTMetadata;
// The start time of the listing.
startTimeInSeconds: number;
// The end time of the listing.
endTimeInSeconds: number;
// Whether the listing is reserved to be bought from a specific set of buyers.
isReservedListing: boolean;
// Whether the listing is CREATED, COMPLETED, or CANCELLED.
status: Status;