All these configuration options are optional with sane defaults:

type SDKOptions = z.input<typeof SDKOptionsSchema>;


readonlySettings: {
rpcUrl, // force read calls to go through your own RPC url
chainId, // reduce RPC calls by sepcifying your chain ID
gasSettings: {
maxPriceInGwei, // Maximum gas price for transactions (default 300 gwei)
speed, // the tx speed setting: 'standard'|'fast|'fastest' (default: 'fastest')
gasless: {
// By specifying a gasless configuration - all transactions will get forwarded to enable gasless transactions
openzeppelin: {
relayerUrl, // your OZ Defender relayer URL
relayerForwarderAddress, // the OZ defender relayer address (defaults to the standard one)
biconomy: {
apiId, // your Biconomy API Id
apiKey, // your Biconomy API Key
deadlineSeconds, // your Biconomy timeout preference