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What is the request limit using thirdweb’s RPCs?

Unlimited RPC requests are provided for free.

What are the default RPC rate limits?

The RPC rate limit for the Starter plan is 100 requests per second. For the Pro plan, the RPC rate limit is 2,000 requests per second. For a custom Enterprise rate, please contact our sales team.

Which chains are supported?

RPC Edge is supported for all EVM-compatible blockchains. See the full list on our configured chains page.

Can I use the thirdweb RPC outside of thirdweb?

Yes, thirdweb RPCs maybe be used in other applications not using thirdweb SDKs and products. To enable, append your clientId to the end of the RPC and enable the domain in the RPC request from the API Key settings. To do this, navigate to Settings > API Keys through the dashboard.

Are the thirdweb RPCs production ready?

Yes, RPCs are built for enterprise-scale applications. For details around RPCs with increased rate limits, see our pricing page.

Can I use my own RPC?

Yes. You may override the default RPCs with your own. Learn how to override the default RPC in our Get Started guide.