thirdweb has tools that let you easily build web3 games for any platform - Browser, Native Desktop, Mobile, Console, and VR.

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  • Seamless onboarding: Allow users to login with their wallets, email, social logins, usernames, passkeys, or build completely invisible login experiences.
  • Cross-platform support: Build games on Unity, WebGL, or Unreal Engine.
  • Account abstraction support: Easily integrate ERC-4337 compatible smart accounts into your games, enabling seamless user experiences and interoperability
  • Support for any EVM network. Support for any EVM-compatible network, allowing you to build games on the latest L2 chains
  • Customizable: Control all aspects of the user experience. For example, you can our tools to bring your own authentication system and spin up in-game in-app wallets for users.
  • All-inclusive: Prefabs, RPCs, Account abstraction infra (bundler and paymaster), fiat ramps, and storage out of the box. You get everything you need to build great games

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