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Storage is a decentralized file management solution to store and retrieve information "off-chain" using IPFS. It enables you to upload and pin files to IPFS, and retrieve them at any time via our IPFS gateway.

Using either the dashboard, CLI, or SDK, you can easily upload and pin individual files, or entire directories to IPFS; ideal for storing files in a permanent, decentralized, censorship-resistant manner.

Storage powers functionality in a number of our other products, such as uploading smart contract ABIs in deploy, our IPFS Renderer UI component & NFT metadata fetching capabilities in the SDK, and uploading of NFT metadata in the dashboard.

Open Source Library

The storage library is open-source. You can view the source code and contribute to it on GitHub.

IPFS Gateway

To read data from IPFS, an IPFS Gateway is required; which allows you to access data from the IPFS protocol on browsers and other HTTP clients, such as when building an application using our SDK.

Out of the box, we provide you with a public, unrestricted IPFS gateway at[cid], which you can use to access any file available on IPFS for free; with no rate limits or restrictions.

Get Started

Learn how to use storage to upload files via the UI or command line, or how to use the SDK to upload files programmatically.

Upload files directly to IPFS using the dashboard or CLI:

Or integrate decentralized storage into your application with our SDKs: