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Storage provides the tools necessary to easily store and access files using decentralized storage systems like IPFS (Arweave and Filecoin are coming soon).

Files stored with this method are always:

  • Decentralized: There is no single authority that controls your files
  • Replicated: Your files exist in multiple different physical locations to ensure that they can't be erased
  • Censorship-Resistant: Files are immune to being censored or taken down

You can also opt into file Permanence - meaning that once you upload your files, they will be persisted forever.

Get started by installing the Storage SDK with the following command:

npm install @thirdweb-dev/storage

What can you do with Storage?

You can use storage for all your file storage needs, including the following:

  • NFT Media: Store your NFT media files using decentralized storage
  • On-chain Metadata: Store any on-chain metadata objects incluing contract metadata and other information
  • Permanent Files: Any files that need to be resistant to censorship can be uploaded to storage

Get started with learning how to use the SDK here:


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