Getting Started

To get started, you'll need to download and install the Unity Hub and Unity Editor.

We recommend using the 2022 LTS version of Unity.

Integration Steps

  • Unity Package Download

    Download the latest thirdweb Unity SDK package from the releases page.

  • Unity Package Import

    Drag and drop the package into your Unity project. Feel free to deselect common packages like Newtonsoft if you already have them.

  • Test it!

    Play around in our example Scene_Prefabs to test out the SDK!

  • Build it!

    Refer to the Build Settings, pick a target platform and build your scene!

    We support all platforms.

Thirdweb Manager

Now you're ready to use the SDK in your own scene!

The only requirement is to have a ThirdwebManager prefab present in your scene.

Navigate to Thirdweb > Core > Prefabs > ThirdwebManager drag it into your scene.

Alternatively, use our handy quickstart installer from the top level Tools > Thirdweb menu.

Learn more about the ThirdwebManager