Billing & Plan Upgrades

Learn how to manage your thirdweb plan

thirdweb provides scalable solutions for both individual developers and large-scale enterprise teams, offering plans that adapt and grow in line with your evolving needs.

Learn more about what is included in our different plans.

Upgrade your plan

To upgrade your account to the Growth or Pro tier, ensure you have first added billing information to your account through the Billing settings.

Growth Tier

To upgrade your plan to Growth tier:

  • Billing Settings

    Navigate to Billing settings and select Get Started
  • Confirm UI

    Your account will now reflect limits set by the Growth tier.


To upgrade your plan to Pro tier:

  • Account Information

    Note down your account information including name and email address.
  • Contact Sales

    Contact our Sales team with the provided information through the Billing or Pricing page.
  • Our team will reach out to upgrade your account.


Engine Cloud-host

You can add-on cloud-host to any plan for $99 / month.

To add on cloud-host:

  • Engine Dashboard

    Navigate to the Engine dashboard.
  • Create Instance

    Select “Create Instance” and choose “cloud-host”
  • Our engineering team will upgrade your Engine instance and reach out with next steps.

Downgrade your plan

To downgrade your plan from the Growth tier:

  • Billing

    Navigate to the billing page.
  • Downgrade Plan

    Select the Downgrade button at the bottom of the Starter plan section.
  • Confirm

    Select a reason for downgrading and confirm Downgrade to Starter
  • The changes will be reflected on your account and in the Billing page interface, shortly. You will also receive an email confirming you have downgraded.

If you're interested in discussing which plan best suits your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.