New Connect Wallet playground

Manan Tank

Check out the all-new Connect Wallet playground that allows you to easily customize the features and appearance of the ConnectWallet component and provides you the code for the selected configuration so you can quickly set up a wallet connection in your React app.

The Updated Connect Wallet playground allows you to customize the following features of our new ConnectWallet component

  • override the theme with your brand's colors
  • Use the "wide" or "compact" size Modal and the "Welcome Screen" shown in the "wide" size modal
  • wallets to show and wallets to tags as "Recommended"
  • Add Email or Social Login to make onboarding easier for users without wallets
  • Add "Guest Login" to provide a seamless onboarding experience
  • Use ERC-4337-compliant Smart wallets using the new smartWallet API
  • Add "Terms of Service" and/or "Privacy Policy" URLs to ConnectWallet Modal