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ConnectWallet component renders a button which when clicked opens a modal to allow users to connect to wallets specified in the ThirdwebProvider's supportedWallets prop.

If supportedWallets is not configured in the ThirdwebProvider, the ConnectWallet Modal shows the below shown default wallets:


import { ConnectWallet } from "@thirdweb-dev/react";

function App() {
return <ConnectWallet />;

Live Demo


Try out ConnectWallet in action on ConnectWallet Playground!




ConnectWallet component's Modal has two size variants - "wide" and "compact"

The default is "wide" for desktop and "compact" for mobile devices

Note that it is always "compact" on mobile even if you set it as "wide" because of size constraints on mobile devices.


The wide modal shows a Welcome Screen on the right side of the Modal which is fully customize via the welcomeScreen prop.

<ConnecWallet modalSize="wide" />


<ConnecWallet modalSize="compact" />

Set the theme to either "light" or "dark" or pass a custom theme object to completely customize the look and feel of the ConnectWallet Modal.

The default is "dark"

<ConnectWallet theme="dark" />

Create a custom theme

Instead of passing an object along with all the required colors, you can use the darkTheme or lightTheme functions to use light / dark theme as base and override just the parts you want to change.

import { darkTheme, lightTheme } from "@thirdweb-dev/react";

const customDarkTheme = darkTheme({
fontFamily: "Inter, sans-serif",
colors: {
modalBg: "#000000",
accentText: "red",
// ... etc

<ConnectWallet theme={customDarkTheme} />;

Change the text on button when the ConnectWallet button is in the disconnected state.

The default is "Connect Wallet"

<ConnectWallet btnTitle="Login" />

This prop is only applicable when modalSize prop is set to "wide". On "wide" Modal size, a welcome screen is shown on the right side of the modal.

This screen can be customized in two ways

Customize Metadata and Image

title: "Your Title",
subtitle: "Your Subtitle",
img: {
src: "https://...",
width: 300,
height: 50,

Render Custom Component

welcomeScreen={() => {
return <YourComponent />;

Change the title of ConnectWallet Modal

The default is "Connect"

<ConnectWallet modalTitle="Login" />

Render a custom button to display connected wallet details instead of the default one

detailsBtn={() => {
return <button> .... </button>;

This class is applied to the ConnectWallet button ( not the modal ). Using this className, you can further customize the button's styles using custom CSS.

For some CSS properties, you may need to use the !important to override the default styles

<ConnectWallet className="my-custom-class" />

Hide the "Request Testnet funds" link in ConnectWallet dropdown which is shown when user is connected to a testnet.

Default is false

<ConnectWallet hideTestnetFaucet={false} />
termsOfServiceUrl and privacyPolicyUrl

You can show a "Terms of Service" and/or "Privacy Policy" link in the ConnectWallet Modal by passing the termsOfServiceUrl and/or privacyPolicyUrl props


Customize the tokens shown in the "Send Funds" screen for various networks.

By default, The "Send Funds" screen shows a few popular tokens for default chains and the native token. For other chains it only shows the native token.

supportedTokens prop allows you to customize this list as shown below

import { Base } from "@thirdweb-dev/chains";

// Show "Dai Stablecoin" when connected to the "Base" mainnet
[Base.chainId]: [
address: "0x50c5725949A6F0c72E6C4a641F24049A917DB0Cb",
name: "Dai Stablecoin",
symbol: "DAI",
icon: "",

Display the balance of a token instead of the native token in ConnectWallet details button.

// show Wrapped BTC balance if connected to Ethereum mainnet
1: "0x2260FAC5E5542a773Aa44fBCfeDf7C193bc2C599",



Enforce that users must sign in with their wallet using auth after connecting their wallet.

Requires the authConfig prop to be set on the ThirdWebProvider component.

loginOptional: false,
onLogin(token) {
console.log("user logged in", token);
onLogout() {
console.log("user logged out");

Specify whether to show a "Switch Network" button after the wallet is connected and it is not connected to the activeChain set in ThirdwebProvider to encourage the user to switch to the correct network in their wallet.

activeChain must be explicitly set in ThirdwebProvider for this to work.

default is false.

<ConnectWallet switchToActiveChain={true} />