All New Connect Wallet Component For React

Manan Tank

We're thrilled to announce the release of our redesigned ConnectWallet component for React! Learn more about thirdweb connect


What's New?

  • A Gorgeous new UI - Try out our all-new ConnectWallet playground to see the ConnectWallet in action!
  • ConnectWallet component has a new prop modalSize to render the Modal in "compact" or "wide" size. The new "wide" Modal renders a completely customizable Welcome Screen which allows you to add custom onboarding for your users
  • New Theming API allows you to create a custom theme to match the design of your app
  • "Sign in with Google" added to paperWallet and embeddedWallet to add frictionless onboarding UX to your app
  • Users can now Send and receive tokens directly from the ConnectWallet component. You can also customize the tokens to display via the supportedTokens prop
  • The new Smart Wallet API provides a seamless UX for end users
  • Show the balance of a specific token of the connected wallet using the displayBalanceToken prop
  • Easily add "Terms of Service" and "Privacy policy" to ConnectWallet with the new termsOfServiceUrl and privacyPolicyUrl props
  • The new ConnectWallet component shows ENS name + Avatar in the connected state

Breaking Changes for Smart Wallet API

  • The previous Smart Wallet API took an array of personal wallets and showed a "Smart Wallet" entry in the ConnectWallet modal and upon clicking it showed a list of personal wallets.
  • The New Smart Wallet API does not add a "Smart Wallet" entry in the ConnectWallet modal and instead allows you to turn any EOA wallet into a smart wallet which offers a much more seamless experience to the end users

Update ConnectWallet in your app to try it out!

npm i @thirdweb-dev/react@latest @thirdweb-dev/sdk@latest

Please Report any issues or suggestions to our Discord Channel