Once set up, your app will be able to connect and create in-app wallets for users.

Try the demo

See In-App Wallets in action with our demo app:


In-App Wallet Demo App

Starting from a template

Quickly get started with one of our templates:

In-app wallets with gasless transactions (account abstraction)

A starter kit for building in-app wallets with smart contract integrations.

Starting from existing project

Install the required package:

npm i thirdweb

Get your client ID

To use in-app wallets in your applications, you will need a client ID. You can get one for free on your thirdweb dashboard.

Connecting & Creating In-App Wallets

Quickest ways to get started with in-app wallets on each platform.

import { ThirdwebProvider, ConnectButton } from "thirdweb/react";
import { createWallet } from "thirdweb/wallets";
const client = createThirdwebClient({ clientId });
const wallets = [inAppWallet()];
export default function App() {
return (
<ConnectButton client={client} wallets={wallets} />

For more details and advanced usage, see the reference documentation for each platform.