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What You Can Build

Use decentralization to create a new generation of games that are more immersive, engaging, and rewarding than ever before. Build games that are truly owned by the players, where they can earn real assets and have a say in the game's development. Create a gaming experience that is more social, collaborative, and community-driven.

WebGL, Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android Games: Create immersive and cross-platform gaming experiences using WebGL for web-based games and native game development for Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android. Utilize the full potential of each platform's hardware and capabilities to deliver engaging gameplay.

Seamless, Gasless, and Signless Onboarding: Implement a user-friendly onboarding process that requires minimal friction for players. Allow them to log in with their email and/or utilize smart wallets like in our Web3 Warriors demo, providing a hassle-free entry point into the world of decentralized gaming.

Fully Fledged In-Game Marketplace: Build a comprehensive in-game marketplace where players can buy, sell, trade ore even auction in-game assets, using any currency they like. Enable secure and efficient transactions within the gaming ecosystem.

Decentralized Economies with NFTs and Tokens: Develop a decentralized economy within your games by integrating blockchain technology. Create unique in-game assets as NFTs, allowing players to have true ownership of their virtual items. Implement custom tokens (such as ERC-20 tokens) to facilitate in-game transactions, rewards, and governance mechanisms.

Blockchain Integration for Provably Rare Items: Leverage blockchain technology to ensure the scarcity and provenance of rare in-game items. Use smart contracts to manage the creation and distribution of these items, enhancing the player's sense of ownership and rarity.

Interoperability with Other Blockchain Games: Enable interoperability with other blockchain-based games and platforms. Allow players to transfer their assets and characters between compatible games, enhancing the value of in-game items and fostering a broader gaming ecosystem.

Player-Driven Governance and Decision-Making: Implement governance mechanisms that empower players to participate in decision-making processes related to the game's development and economy. Use blockchain-based voting systems to ensure transparency and fairness.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer and Social Features: Create a social gaming experience by enabling cross-platform multiplayer functionality. Allow players to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly across different devices and platforms.

Scalable and Secure Infrastructure: Ensure the scalability and security of your gaming platform by leveraging blockchain networks like Ethereum or others. Implement robust security measures to protect player data and assets.

Evolving Game Worlds and Content: Continuously expand and evolve your game world with dynamic content updates. Utilize blockchain to introduce limited-time events, seasonal content, and community-driven additions.

Community Engagement and Reward Systems: Foster a vibrant gaming community by implementing reward systems, challenges, and competitions that encourage player engagement. Reward loyal players with exclusive NFTs and tokens.

Analytics and Monetization Strategies: Utilize contract analytics to understand player behavior and preferences. Develop monetization strategies, including in-app purchases, royalties, and token-based rewards, to sustain the game's growth and profitability.