RPC Edge

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Edge provides reliable access to querying data and interacting with the blockchain through global edge RPCs.

RPC Diagram

By default, we provide publicly available RPCs for over 900+ EVM Networks. View the default RPC endpoints for each supported chain.


  • Reduced Latency: Global edge caching reduces latency by utilizing geographically distributed servers, smart routing, and caching RPC responses. RPC endpoints run on the edge with over 150+ worldwide locations, resulting in minimized latency, especially for frequently requested responses.
  • Improved Performance: Create critical and scalable applications with maintained uptime and low latency, thanks to reduced response times.
  • High Reliability: Utilize fallback across multiple providers to ensure high reliability.
  • Cost Efficient: More cost-efficient at scale compared to competitors.
  • Compatible with any EVM Blockchain: Use RPC Edge with any deployed contract on any EVM blockchain.

Pricing & Billing

RPC pricing is based on requests per second. If you're interested in upgrading your RPC Edge limits, you can find more information on the different tiers by visiting thirdweb's pricing page.