Configuration for the "Pay Modal" that opens when the user doesn't have enough funds to send a transaction. Set payModal: false to disable the "Pay Modal" popup

This configuration object includes the following properties to configure the "Pay Modal" UI:


The language to use for the "Pay Modal" UI. Defaults to "en_US" .


An object of type SupportedTokens to configure the tokens to show for a chain.


The theme to use for the "Pay Modal" UI. Defaults to "dark" .

It can be set to "light" or "dark" or an object of type Theme for a custom theme.

Refer to lightTheme or darkTheme helper functions to use the default light or dark theme and customize it.

type SendTransactionPayModalConfig =
| {
buyWithCrypto?: false;
buyWithFiat?: false | { testMode?: boolean };
locale?: LocaleId;
supportedTokens?: SupportedTokens;
theme?: Theme | "light" | "dark";
| false;