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Get Started

Add RPC Edge to your application

To enable RPC Edge usage in an application, obtain a thirdweb Client ID & Secret Key with RPC Edge enabled and pass it into the app's configuration.

Obtain a Client ID & Secret Key by navigating to Settings > API Keys > Create API Key.

API Key creation page on thirdweb's dashboard

When navigating the prompts for key creation, ensure that RPC is enabled.

Modal pop up for API Keys to enable different services

Pass in the Client ID and Secret Keys into the application’s configuration.

When writing backends or scripts, you can use the secret key to instantiate the SDK:

// Read-only mode
const readOnlySdk = new ThirdwebSDK("<chain_id>", {
secretKey: "<your_secret_key>",

When using the Typescript SDK for frontend applications, use the client id:

const readOnlySdk = new ThirdwebSDK("<chain_id>", {
clientId: "<your_client_id>",

Override default RPC

To override the default RPC for any given chain:

import { ThirdwebSDK } from "@thirdweb-dev/sdk";

const sdk = new ThirdwebSDK({
rpc: ["https://<your-rpc-to-use>.com"],

Public RPCs can be used without an API Key. Refer to the configured chains page.

View RPC usage

View RPC request usage in the dashboard settings.

Usage dashboard showing how much of each service has been used