Get a list of all the events emitted from the contract during a specified time period.


By default, the method gets all events from block 0 to the latest block, in descending order.

var data = contract.Events.GetAll();


filters (optional)

A struct containing the fromBlock and toBlock numbers for the time period to get events for.

The order field indicates the ordering of the events; desc (descending) or asc (ascending).

The default fromBlock is 0 and the default toBlock is latest.

var data = contract.Events.GetAll(new EventQueryOptions()
fromBlock = 0,
toBlock = 1000000,
order = "desc",

Return Value

Returns a list of ContractEvent structs containing the following properties:

string eventName;
T data; // Uses the type you specify, or `object` if you don't specify a type
EventTransaction transaction {
int blockNumber;
string blockHash;
int transactionIndex;
bool removed;
string address;
string data;
List<string> topics;
string transactionHash;
int logIndex;
string @event;
string eventSignature;