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The ThirdwebManager prefab is a GameObject containing a ThirdwebManager component, which instantiates the ThirdwebSDK for you to access anywhere in your game.

Using this prefab allows you to instantiate the SDK once, and use this instance anywhere in your other scripts, rather than having to instantiate the SDK in each script.

The prefab is located at: Assets/Thirdweb/Core/Prefabs/ThirdwebManager.prefab.

This prefab MUST be in your scene to run the SDK on native platforms. It is highly recommended for WebGL as well.


From the Inspector, you can customize the following settings:

  • Chain: The blockchain you want to instantiate the SDK on at this point in time.
  • Supported Chains: An array of the chains you want to support in your game and their corresponding data/overrides.
  • App Metadata: The app name, description, favicons, and urls that would be displayed on some wallet providers.
  • Storage IPFS Gateway Url: Override this value to use a custom IPFS gateway for the SDK.
  • OZ Defender Options: Gasless settings and overrides for Openzeppelin Defender.
  • Magic Link API Key: API key if you want to support MagicLink as a WalletProvider.
  • Native Prefabs: UI/Behavior prefabs that will be instantiated at runtime for certain WalletProviders.