Send a raw transaction to the blockchain from the connected wallet, and returns a hash.


Create a TransactionRequest struct with the raw transaction data, and pass it to this method.

The method will return the transaction hash once the transaction is sent to the blockchain.

var data = await sdk.Wallet.SendRawTransaction(new TransactionRequest()
from = "{{wallet_address}}", // The address the transaction is sent from.
to = "{{wallet_address}}", // The address the transaction is directed to.
data = "{{data}}", // The data to send with the transaction
value = "{{value}}", // send native tokens with the contract call (wei)
gasLimit = "{{gasLimit}}", // The maximum amount of gas this transaction is permitted to use.
gasPrice = "{{gaspPrice}}", // The price (in wei) per unit of gas this transaction will pay.


string: The transaction hash.