Integrating Thirdweb .NET SDK into Godot Projects

To integrate the Thirdweb .NET SDK into your Godot projects, you will need to add the Thirdweb SDK package directly to your Godot project's .csproj file. This enables you to use the SDK's functionalities within your Godot application, allowing for blockchain interactions such as connecting to user's wallets, interacting with smart contracts, and more.


Adding the Package to Your Project

To add the Thirdweb .NET SDK to your Godot project, you will need to manually edit your project's .csproj file to include the Thirdweb NuGet package as a dependency. Here is how you can do it:

  • Close your Godot project if it's open in the Godot editor.
  • Locate your project's .csproj file in your project directory.
  • Open the .csproj file in a text editor.
  • Add the following PackageReference inside the <ItemGroup> tag that contains other PackageReference entries:
<!-- Other NuGet package references -->
<PackageReference Include="Thirdweb" Version="0.1.0" />
<!-- Update with the latest version when necessary -->

Example Project

An example Godot project integrating the Thirdweb .NET SDK is available below.

Godot Template

A Godot project template with the Thirdweb .NET SDK integrated.