Is the API Key free to use?

Yes, API Keys are free to create and use.

Can I use thirdweb SDKs without an API key?

Yes, you can use thirdweb SDKs without an API key to override the default infrastructure. You will need to provide and pass in your own services to the SDKs.

How do I get my bundle Id for a Unity Native or mobile (React Native) application?

If you are developing a Unity native or mobile application, you will need to obtain a bundleId to restrict the Client ID to your application.

  • Unity Native, use either of the following options:

    • Log Utils.GetBundleId().
    • Check the platform-specific options in your Project Settings. It is usually formatted as com.companyName.productName based on your top-level Project Settings.
  • Mobile (React Native)

    • Android

      • Open the file <Project>/android/app/build.gradle and search for the term applicationId:
        android {
        defaultConfig {
        applicationId "com.example.yourproject"
    • iOS

      • Open the file <Project>/ios/<Project>/Info.plist and search for CFBundleIdentifier:
    • Programmatically retrieve bundleId for iOS or Android

      • Use the expo-application package from the @thirdweb-dev/react-native sdk

        import * as Application from "expo-application";
        const bundleId = Application.applicationId;