Airdrop NFTs

Engine makes it effortless for any developer to airdrop NFTs at scale. You sponsor the gas so your users only need a wallet address!

Airdrop overview


  • An Engine instance
  • A backend wallet with currency to pay for gas
  • A deployed NFT contract that can be claimed by the backend wallet
  • A client ID and secret key from the API Keys page

Frontend: Add Connect Wallet and Claim buttons

Use <ConnectWallet> to prompt the user for their wallet. The Claim button calls POST /api/claim.

function ClaimPage() {
const userWalletAddress = useAddress();
const onClick = async () => {
await fetch("/api/claim", {
method: "POST",
body: JSON.stringify({ userWalletAddress }),
`🎉 A reward has been sent to your wallet: ${userWalletAddress}`,
return (
<h2>Thank you for being a superfan! ❤️</h2>
<ConnectWallet />
{userWalletAddress && (
<button onClick={onClick}>Claim my reward</button>
function Example() {
return (
<ClaimPage />

Replace <thirdweb_client_id>.

Backend: Call Engine to mint an NFT

POST /api/claim calls Engine to mint an NFT to the user's wallet.

export async function POST(request: Request) {
const { userWalletAddress } = await request.json();
await fetch(
method: "POST",
headers: {
"Content-Type": "application/json",
Authorization: "Bearer <thirdweb_secret_key>",
"x-backend-wallet-address": "<backend_wallet_address>",
body: JSON.stringify({
receiver: userWalletAddress,
metadataWithSupply: {
metadata: {
name: "Acme Inc. Superfan",
description: "Created with thirdweb Engine",
supply: "1",
return NextResponse.json({ message: "Success!" });

Try it out!

Here’s what the user flow looks like.

The app prompts the user to connect their wallet.

Initial page load
The app prompts the user to connect their wallet

A user presses claim.

A user presses claim

They'll receive the NFT in their wallet shortly!

They'll receive the NFT in their wallet shortly

Full code example

The code above is simplified for readability. View the full source code →