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Interacting with Contracts

Connect to any smart contract deployed to one of our supported networks and start calling functions on it using the SDK.

Once you have set up the SDK, any interaction you make with a smart contract will be made from the connected wallet automatically.

Extensions implemented on your smart contract become available as functionality on your contract in the SDK; such as ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC20.

thirdweb dashboardthirdweb dashboard

Call Contract functions

Read from and write data to your smart contracts by providing:

  1. The contract you connected to
  2. The name of the function
  3. Any parameters the function requires

Using Contract Extensions

Any extensions you implemented are detected by the SDK, and can be utilized with convenience functions that get unlocked for you.

For example, if your contract implements the ERC721 extension, you can utilize all of the functions of the corresponding erc721 standard in the SDK.