Built-in extensions for common standards

The SDK comes packed with a set of built-in extensions for common standards. These extensions are designed to make it easy to interact with popular contracts and protocols. They are available as part of the SDK and can be used in your application without any additional setup.

StandardImport PathDescription
Commonthirdweb/extensions/commonCommon contract extensions
ERC20thirdweb/extensions/erc20ERC20 token standard extensions
ERC721thirdweb/extensions/erc721ERC721 token standard extensions
ERC1155thirdweb/extensions/erc1155ERC1155 token standard extensions
ERC4337thirdweb/extensions/erc4337ERC4337 account abstraction extensions
ERC4626thirdweb/extensions/erc4626ERC4626 Tokenized Vaults extensions
ENSthirdweb/extensions/ensENS extensions
Uniswapthirdweb/extensions/uniswapUniswap extensions
Farcasterthirdweb/extensions/farcasterFarcaster protocol extensions
Multicall3thirdweb/extensions/multicall3Multicall3 extensions

More extensions are being added regularly. Anyone can create an extension and contribute it back to the repository. You can also generate extensions for any deployed contract.