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Erc1155 class

Standard ERC1155 NFT functions


const contract = await sdk.getContract("{{contract_address}}");
await contract.erc1155.transfer(walletAddress, tokenId, quantity);


(constructor)(contractWrapper, storage, chainId)Constructs a new instance of the Erc1155 class


claimConditionsreadonlyimport("./drop-erc1155-claim-conditions").DropErc1155ClaimConditions<import("../../types/eips").BaseClaimConditionERC1155>Configure claim conditions
revealerreadonlyimport("./delayed-reveal").DelayedReveal<import("../../types/eips").BaseDelayedRevealERC1155>Delayed reveal
signaturereadonlyErc1155SignatureMintableSignature Minting


airdrop(tokenId, addresses, data)Airdrop multiple NFTs
balance(tokenId)Get NFT Balance for the currently connected wallet
balanceOf(address, tokenId)Get NFT Balance
burn(tokenId, amount)Burn a specified amount of a NFTs
burnBatch(tokenIds, amounts)Burn a batch of NFTs
burnBatchFrom(account, tokenIds, amounts)Burn a batch of NFTs
burnFrom(account, tokenId, amount)Burn a specified amount of a NFTs
claim(tokenId, quantity, options)Claim NFTs
claimTo(destinationAddress, tokenId, quantity, options)Claim NFTs to a specific Wallet
get(tokenId)Get a single NFT Metadata
getAll(queryParams)Get All NFTs
getClaimTransaction(destinationAddress, tokenId, quantity, options)Construct a claim transaction without executing it. This is useful for estimating the gas cost of a claim transaction, overriding transaction options and having fine grained control over the transaction execution.
getOwned(walletAddress)Get Owned NFTs
isApproved(address, operator)Get whether this wallet has approved transfers from the given operator
lazyMint(metadatas, options)Create a batch of NFTs to be claimed in the future
mint(metadataWithSupply)Mint an NFT with a limited supply
mintAdditionalSupply(tokenId, additionalSupply)Increase the supply of an existing NFT
mintAdditionalSupplyTo(receiver, tokenId, additionalSupply)Increase the supply of an existing NFT and mint it to a given wallet address
mintBatch(metadataWithSupply)Mint Many NFTs with limited supplies
mintBatchTo(receiver, metadataWithSupply)Mint Many NFTs with limited supplies
mintTo(receiver, metadataWithSupply)Mint an NFT with a limited supply
totalCirculatingSupply(tokenId)Get the supply of token for a given tokenId.
totalCount()Get the number of NFTs minted
totalSupply(tokenId)Returns the total supply of a specific token
transfer(to, tokenId, amount, data)Transfer a single NFT


export declare class Erc1155<T extends DropERC1155 | TokenERC1155 | BaseERC1155 = BaseERC1155 | BaseSignatureMintERC1155> implements UpdateableNetwork, DetectableFeature

Implements: UpdateableNetwork, DetectableFeature


Basic functionality for a ERC1155 contract that handles IPFS storage for you.