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Functionality available for contracts that implement the IERC721 and `IERC721Supply interfaces.


Get the metadata and current owner of all NFTs in the contract.

By default, returns the first 100 NFTs (in order of token ID). Use queryParams to paginate the results.

const nfts = await contract.erc721.getAll();

queryParams (optional)

Provide an optional object to configure the query. Useful for paginating the results.

const queryParams = {
// The number of NFTs to return
count: 100, // Default is 100
// The index to start from
start: 0, // Default is 0

const nfts = await contract.erc721.getAll(queryParams);

Return Value

Returns an array of NFT objects.

metadata: {
id: string;
uri: string; // The raw URI of the metadata
owner: string;
name?: string | number | undefined;
description?: string | null | undefined;
image?: string | null | undefined; // If the image is hosted on IPFS, the URL is<hash>
external_url?: string | null | undefined;
animation_url?: string | null | undefined;
background_color?: string | undefined;
properties?: {
[x: string]: unknown;
} | {
[x: string]: unknown;
}[] | undefined;
type: "ERC1155" | "ERC721";


Get all wallet addresses that own an NFT in this contract.

const owners = await contract.erc721.getAllOwners();

Return Value

Returns an array of objects containing a tokenId and owner address.

  • tokenId is the ID of the NFT.
  • owner is the wallet address of the owner that owns the NFT.
tokenId: number;
owner: string;


Get the total number of NFTs minted in this contract.

Unlike totalCirculatingSupply, this includes NFTs that have been burned.

const totalSupply = await contract.erc721.totalCount();

Return Value

Returns a BigNumber.



Get the total number of NFTs that are currently in circulation.

i.e. the number of NFTs that have been minted and not burned.

const totalSupply = await contract.erc721.totalCirculatingSupply();

Return Value

Returns a BigNumber.