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UserWallet.signTypedData() method

Sign a typed data structure (EIP712) with the connected wallet private key


// This is the message to be signed
// Now we can sign the message with the connected wallet
const { payload, signature } = await sdk.wallet.signTypedData(
name: "MyEIP721Domain",
version: "1",
chainId: 1,
verifyingContract: "0x...",
MyStruct: [
{ name: "to", type: "address" },
{ name: "quantity", type: "uint256" },
{ to: "0x...", quantity: 1 },


signTypedData(domain: EIP712Domain, types: Record<string, Array<TypedDataField>>, message: Record<string, any>): Promise<{
payload: any;
signature: string;


domainEIP712Domainthe domain as EIP712 standard
typesRecord<string, Array<TypedDataField>>the strcuture and data types as defined by the EIP712 standard
messageRecord<string, any>the data to sign


Promise<{ payload: any; signature: string; }>

the payload and its associated signature