Edition Drop

The Edition Drop contract is best used when you want to release many NFTs with the same metadata that you want users to be able to claim. This contract follows the ERC1155 extension, also known as "Semi-Fungible Tokens".

The Edition Drop contract allows you to define the conditions for when and how your users can claim an NFT, which has been previously lazy minted by the contract admin (usually the deployer), including allowlists, release dates, and the maximum number of NFTs which can be claimed.


This contract includes the following extensions:

Use Cases & Examples

You could use the Edition Drop contract to:

  • Create NFT Memberships such as our Early Access Cards that you want your users to claim
  • Release an item in your game for a limited-time
  • Create 100 NFTs based on one art piece, and allow users to claim one per wallet


Creating & Configuring the Edition Drop

Learn how to create and configure your smart contract using the dashboard.

Creating an Edition Drop Contract

Deploy the edition drop contract to any EVM network using the button below.

Lazy Minting NFTs

Lazy minting is the process of uploading your metadata for your NFT(s) without minting them yet.

This is useful when you want other wallets to mint NFTs from your drop into their own wallets.

To lazy-mint NFT(s), click Create to lazy-mint a single NFT, or Batch Upload to lazy-mint multiple NFTs at once.

To get started, you can use one of our example files for CSV or JSON metadata.

Setting Claim Phases

On the Edition Drop contract, you set claim phases for each NFT, by clicking the Claim Phases button

A claim phase is a set of conditions that define when and how your users can claim an NFT from your drop.

The Edition Drop contract supports multiple sequential claim phases.

Within a claim phase, you can define:

  • When the claim phase will start
  • How many NFTs do you want to drop
  • How much do you want to charge per NFT
  • What currency do you want to use
  • Which wallet addresses are allowed to mint (allowlist)
  • How many NFTs can be claimed per transaction
  • How many seconds do wallets have to wait between claims

To add a claim phase to a token, click Add Initial Claim Phase:

Airdrop NFTs

Click Airdrop on the token you want to use, and upload a .csv file containing a list of addresses you want to airdrop NFTs to.

In the .csv file, you must specify an address column and a quantity column, representing the address you want to send the NFTs and how many you wish to send. You can download our example CSV File to get started.

Contract Metadata

To configure the image, name, and description of the contract, click the Settings tab:

Royalty & Platform Fees

From the Settings tab, you also configure the royalty fee, primary sales recipient, and platform fee.