Airdrop ERC721 Claimable

The AirdropERC721Claimable contract is suitable to use when you want to airdrop ERC721 NFTs to a list of recipient addresses, where these recipients are expected to individually claim their own airdrop.

When deploying this contract, you specify:

  • The address of the ERC721 NFTs being airdropped.
  • The tokenIds of the NFTs to airdrop.
  • The address of the owner of NFTs from whom NFTs will be transferred out in the airdrop.
  • The UNIX timestamp after which the airdrop period will expire.
  • A maximum claimable amount per wallet (claiming the airdrop).
  • An optional merkle root allowlist for recipients permitted to claim the airdrop.

On claiming an airdrop, a recipient specifies:

  • The address to transfer the claimed airdrop to.
  • The total quantity to claim.
  • The proof of inclusion in the merkle root allowlist, if it exists.