The Split contract lets you specify multiple wallet addresses that are recipients of any revenue or royalty split.

You define what percentage of any funds that get sent to the split contract address is sent to each recipient. For example, you could define 0x1 and 0x2 as recipients, and configure them to receive 50% of the funds sent to the split contract.

The split contract will store the funds, and when any user calls the distribute function, the funds will be distributed to the recipients according to the percentages you define.

Use Cases & Examples

You could use the Split contract to:

  • Use as a "team wallet", where funds are distributed between the members of your team with set percentages
  • Share revenue from your primary minting in an NFT drop
  • Share revenue from royalty sales with members of your team, such as an artist
  • Any programmatic split of revenue

Creating & Configuring the Split

Learn how to create and configure your smart contract using the dashboard.

Creating a Split Contract

Deploy the split contract to any of our supported networks using the button below.

View Recipients

You can view the recipients of your Split contract in the Overview button on the dashboard.

View Balance

In the Overview tab of your split in the dashboard, you can see your (the wallet you're currently connected with) split of the funds in this contract.

Distribute Funds

Any wallet can distribute funds to the split recipients.

To do so, click the Distribute Funds button.