The Vote contract is designed for groups such as DAOs to vote on proposals.

To use the Vote contract, you also need to have an existing ERC20 token, such as our token contract to act as the governance token.

Use Cases & Examples

You could use the Vote contract to:

  • Vote to decide on organizational changes
  • Vote on managing and distributing funds in a treasury
  • Vote on any other proposal in an organization, such as a DAO

Creating & Configuring the Vote

Learn how to create and configure your smart contract using the dashboard.

Creating a Vote Contract

Deploy the vote contract to any of our supported networks using the button below.

Creating Proposals

To create a new proposal for people to vote on, click Create Proposal

Viewing Proposals

You can view all the active and past proposals from the Overview tab.

Voting on Proposals

If you hold the governance token, you can vote on active proposals from the Overview tab.