Airdrop ERC-721

Airdrop ERC721 NFTs to a list of recipients.

The AirdropERC721 contract is suitable to use when you want to transfer ERC721 NFTs to a list of recipient addresses, where these recipients are not expected to individually claim their airdrop; they just receive it in a transfer. When airdropping NFTs with this contract, you specify:

  • The address of the NFT collection from which NFTs are being transferred.
  • The owner address of the NFTs from where the NFTs will be transferred to a list of the recipients.
  • An array of objects containing recipient-address and token-ids, for e.g.
recipient: "0x123...",
tokenId: 1,
recipient: "0xabc...",
tokenId: 2,

note: token-owner must approve their tokens to this airdrop contract, by calling approval related function on the ERC721 contract.

Estimated gas costs for airdropping tokens: Cost of airdropping 1 ERC721 token: ~76,521 gas. Cost of airdropping each additional ERC721 token: ~44,610 gas.