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The SDK covers all aspects of the web3 development stack, including connecting to users wallets, interacting with the blockchain and smart contracts, decentralized storage, authentication, and more; enabling you to build scalable and performant web3 applications on any EVM-compatible blockchain.

Out of the box, infrastructure is provided for everything required to create decentralized applications, including connection to the blockchain (RPC), decentralized storage (IPFS + pinning services), and tools to create powerful user experiences; such as gasless transactions, wallet connection components, FIAT on-ramps, data APIs, and more.

The SDK is fully composable, meaning you can provide your own configuration for any component of your application and customize the SDK to your needs. In addition, each SDK is completely open-source for you to verify and audit whats happening under the hood.

Depending on your use case, we support a variety of languages and frameworks to help build your apps and games.