Deploying contracts

To deploy contracts, you will first need to instantiate the SDK with a valid signer.

const sdk = await ThirdwebSDK.fromWallet(wallet, "sepolia");
const address = await sdk.deployer.deployBuiltInContract(
name: "My NFT Contract",
primary_sale_recipient: "0x...",
console.log("Deployed at", address);

Deploy methods

You can then use the sdk.deployer object to deploy different kind of contracts.

Deploy typeFunctionNotes
PrebuiltdeployBuiltInContractDeploy thirdweb's prebuilt contracts, handles uploading metadata for you
PublisheddeployPublishedContractDeploy any published contract, handling proxy/factory deployment on any EVM chain
ProxydeployProxyDeploy a proxy of an implementation contract
FactorydeployViaFactoryDeploy a contract via the given factory contract
ABI / BytecodedeployContractWithAbiDeploy a contract from its bytecode and ABI