Why thirdweb?

The thirdweb SDK comes with all the features you need to build production-grade client-side applications. Here's a comparison with other popular libraries.

Feature Comparison

Type safe contract API
Type safe wallet API
EVM utils
RPC for any EVM⚠️ public RPC only⚠️ public RPC only
Automatic ABI Resolution
IPFS Upload/Download
In-app wallet (email/ social login)⚠️ via 3rd party
Account abstraction (ERC4337) support⚠️ via 3rd party⚠️ via 3rd party
Web3 wallet connectors
Local wallet creation
Auth (SIWE)⚠️ via 3rd party
Extensions functions for common standards
React Hooks
React UI components
React Native Hooks
React Native UI Components
CLI (codegen)

Bundle Size

The thirdweb SDK is designed to be as small as possible leveraging tree shaking. Here's a comparison of the bundle size to perform a simple RPC call on mainnet with other popular libraries:

bundle size table

Performance Benchmarks

Performance is the biggest focus of the thirdweb SDK. Here are some runtime benchmarks for encoding, RPC calls, reading contract state and sending a transaction:

performance table

To run your own benchmarks or see results in detail, check out our instructions to run them.

Last updated: March 14, 2024