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Publishing your contract is the best way to share it with the world. When you publish your contract, it becomes shareable, verifiable and deployable by anyone.

Publish any contract to using the following command:

npx thirdweb publish

Why Publish Your Contract

  • Published contracts can be deployed to any EVM network when using the default factory.
  • When you deploy a published contract, you get autogenerated SDKs and dashboards that let you manage your contract and help you easily build apps on top of it.
  • All published contracts get a landing page. This lets others explore the functions & events of your contract, and view the source code.
  • The published contracts registry is fully on-chain. You can build your on-chain reputation as a smart contract developer.
  • The best published contracts get featured on the Explore page, which is seen by over 70,000 web3 devs. Learn more about how to get your contract featured

Publishing your contract is completely free, we cover all gas costs.